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What Drives Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a Nigeria where Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) are completely taken off the streets, and provided with trauma sensitive, holistic approach to caregiving that helps them heal and thrive in home, school and community life.

What we do

Our Services


To provide a stable and loving environment for our children and strive to meet their physical, educational, emotional and psychological needs.


To give help and care to pregnant teenage single girls and see them through delivery and take care of their babies where necessary.

social welfare

To involve the Social Welfare Office and other relevant bodies in the careful arrangement of adoption for the children where necessary and ensuring that these children are happy and well settled in their new homes.


To identify personal strengths and needs of each child, and learn to implement strategies for holistic self-care.


To promote the education of children both formally and informally e.g.technical, sewing, furniture, craft, mechanical etc. to ensure each child is positioned for an improved standard of life.


To raise public awareness on human rights through education and training programs, workshops and conferences in order to improve the respect of law in relation to human rights.

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Upcoming Events

Dec 25 - Christmas Party

All Day Our End of Year Christmas Party which usually comes up within the 25th and 31st Of December is largely dependent o sponsorship from partners…

JAn 1 - New Year Event

10am – 12pm Our End of Year Christmas Part which usually comes up within the 25th and 31st Of December is largely dependent o sponsorship from partners…

About us

Ngwa Road Motherless Babies’ Home is the first orphanage in the whole of Eastern region of Nigeria having being commissioned in 1965..


  • 79A, Ngwa Road,
    Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

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