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About Us

Ngwa Road Motherless Babies’ Home is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making and non-religious organization that operates in the ancient city of Aba, Eastern Nigeria.

The home offers a decent environment and passionately qualified personnel which ensure that kids that would otherwise not have had an opportunity in life are offered a chance to compete and earn a place in life.

Ngwa Road Motherless Babies’ Home is the first orphanage in the whole of Eastern region of Nigeria having being commissioned since 1965.

Since 1965

We’ve been saving children & securing their future

Our Story

The founder/president of the Home Mrs. Joyrita O. Nwobbi was inspired to establish the Home as a result of societal anomalies of child abandonment; prevalent at the time, especially in Eastern Nigeria.

Babies, such sinless creatures, being abandoned without care presents a devastating situation needing urgent intervention.

Determined to make a difference, putting smiles on these faces that have been unfortunately placed on the wrong side of life, she moved to create a safe haven for them.

Our Name

The Home was established and commissioned in August 1965 by Mrs. Adanma Okpara, wife of the then Premier of Eastern Nigeria who earlier laid the foundation stone of the building on the 7th day of May, 1965 under the supervision and blessing of the Rt. Reverend Monsignor J.A. Nwanegbo. The activities of the Home were however interrupted by the Nigerian Civil War 1967-70, which forced the management to relocate on several occasions.

The uncertainty of the war made it impossible to keep the location of the Home stable. The home was therefore moved from one town to another, in search of a safe location for these kids. The determination of the management however kept the dreams and vision of the Home alive despite troubled times.

Eventually, the Home was located on Ngwa Road, Aba, Abia State, where it has been operating since then, hence our name: Ngwa Road Motherless Babies’ Home.

Our Team

Our Volunteers

At Ngwa Road Motherless Babies Home, we have a team of like-minded people who share the passion of giving abandoned children another shot at life. These are seasoned professionals from different backgrounds and fields, who feel the pains of these special children and have decided to do something about it.

The executive organ in charge of the administration of the Home is the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. This organ is responsible for the decision making and general administration of the home.

Mrs Joyrita Nwobbi

Mrs Joyrita Nwobbi


Architect James Nwobbi

Architect James Nwobbi

(Managing Partner) Amechie Nwobbi & Associates

Mrs Anne Ibekwe

Mrs Anne Ibekwe

(State Registered Nurse/Midwife)

Mr Michael Nwobbi

Mr Michael Nwobbi


Barrister Reginald Nwobbi

Barrister Reginald Nwobbi

(Principal solicitor) Reginald Nwobbi & Co.

Architect Tony Nwobbi

Architect Tony Nwobbi

(Founder/Managing Partner, Design Graphics)


Our Partners

The journey so far has not been without hitches and challenges. Courage and determination have however kept us thriving through trying times.
We have received immeasurable support from some partners; governmental, corporate and individual, without which the adventure would not have been this successful. Some of the Home’s corporate partners include:

Save a Life

Why Adopt?

Some adoptive parents choose to adopt a child because they are infertile (medically unable to bear children), some may have learned that while they can have a natural child, they are at risk for passing on serious genetic or medical conditions and so choose not to attempt a natural pregnancy. In some other cases, a potential birth mother may not be able to risk a natural pregnancy due to her own health complications and choose adoption over the risk of pregnancy.

There is equally a new trend in adoption these days where parents who already have biological children of their own decide to adopt one or two to add to their number and raise them up as their own children.This new trend usually perpetrated by couples as a way of giving back to society should be fully encouraged as an effective way of reducing the large number of motherless babies and less privileged children in our society roaming the streets hopelessly from one City to the other with its very negative  attendant consequences.

Ultimately, the decision for families/qualified individuals to adopt should be based on a belief that they will be saving a child who otherwise would not grow up with the benefits of a loving and supportive family.

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About us

Ngwa Road Motherless Babies’ Home is the first Orphanage in the whole of Eastern region of Nigeria having being commissioned in 1965..


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    Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

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